Born and raised in Saskatchewan (Swift Current and Regina), Brad Zakreski is a Creative Technology Consultant. On any given day at Storm Applied Technologies, Brad is a Technology Consultant, marketing manager, accountant and human resources director. He is motivated by owning one of the most unique work environments on the planet; being business partners with one of his closest friends, Scott Carson.

Brad has a Bachelor of Administration specializing in marketing and human resources. He has also studied medieval history on an equally intense level. Various past work experiences have involved private, public and volunteer organizations. Before joining Storm, Brad worked hard at balancing marketing and human resources knowledge and experience to become an organization and business development specialist/consultant . Storm gives Brad the opportunity to combine activities such as research, marketing, international business plans, labor relations, leadership/team development, training, recruitment and selection into his daily activities.

Offering a rare blend of creative and operational strengths, Brad enjoys providing creative pragmatic solutions that grow with your business.  Organizing numerous tradeshow, TV, radio and newspaper opportunities Storm participates in are just a few of the professional jobs that he enjoys. Brad is involved in several communities.  He is the IT Coordinator of East Regina Business Association and Administration Coordinator for Saskatchewan Young Professionals and Entrepreneurs (Regina Chapter). The highlight of his career remains the opportunity to speak to over 600 youth and stakeholders at the Saskatchewan Youth Summit 2007 on the topic of "Making it Happen." Volunteering as a tour guide at Storming the Island, meeting people from all walks of life remains a close second.

Brad is energized by spending time with his family. He especially loves watching his daughter discover the many mysteries of life. On a purely personal level, he is found playing competitive volleyball, downhill skiing, tuning up his car, experiencing new cultures and playing trumpet.

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