2012 Focus '91 Youth Salute

Scott Carson's 4th visit to the Youth Salute is delivered amidst an unending list of hardships, which he uses his to push Regina's youth beyond their current greatness. This year, 69 students from the high schools of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada are showcased as being leaders in academics, athletics, and the arts. Mixing his explosive personality with genuine inspiration, you've gotta see this one!

2011 Focus '91 Youth Salute

Scott Carson pulls no punches in calling the finest youth in the city"crazy". 67 students from the high schools of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada are showcased as being leaders in academics, athletics, and the arts.

2010 Focus '91 Youth Salute

Scott Carson returns to the Youth Salute with his story and words for recipients. This year, 70 students from the high schools of Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada are showcased as being leaders in academics, athletics, and the arts. After 16 years, Scott bravely recalls the painful memories of his youth that were ironically key to his development. His journey leads to the recipients, where he applauds their determination and encourages them to continue to strive for excellence.

2010 "Hip Hop Into Spring, QC Style"

Scott Carson MC's the gala showcase of All Nations Healin' Thru Artz. ANHTA is a non-profit community organization that links professional artists with with inner-city youth in Regina to collaboratively create and showcase performance-based projects.

After meeting at a chance street dance and then working together at Storm Group's "Storming the Island", ANHTA asked Scott to MC their showcase. Being honoured with the request, Scott joined the group for 3 months to know them and better tell their story.

2009 Focus '91 Youth Salute

Scott Carson speaks as an 11 year alumnus to the recipients of the 2009 Focus 91 Youth Salute Award. The award is given to 5 students from each high school in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada. The students are selected based on the criteria of excellence in school and community involvement.


2007 Saskatchewan Youth Summit

The Government of Saskatchewan contacted Storm's executive team to be a part of a one day summit bringing together youth and stakeholders from across the province. During the day, Scott Carson and Brad Zakreski contributed to youth breakout sessions. Later, they addressed the summit of over 600 delegates by speaking on the topic of "Making it Happen". In addition to sharing their experiences, they provided a SWOT analysis of Saskatchewan to give their perspective on Saskatchewan's climate for youth. To this day, the opportunity has provided numerous springboards for Scott and Brad and it is truly a highlight in their careers.

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Part 1 - Intro Part 2 - Storm Part3 - Sask. SWOT Part 4 - Closing Song


Credit Union "Built for Speed" Conference

While at the Youth Summit, the Credit Unions of Saskatchewan asked Scott Carson to speak at their upcoming conference. Appropriately titled, the Credit Unions wanted to set themselves ahead of their competition by offering new features and technology for customers, along with opportunities for youth. Representing Storm, Scott's presentation sought to explain the long term link between youth and their loyalty to a brand they can believe in.


Southwest REDA "Be Youth Blast"

Southwest REDA was referred to Storm by a mutual colleague, and they wanted Storm's executive team to speak and mentor at an entrepreneurial event for the youth of southwest Saskatchewan. Scott Carson and Brad Zakreski gave an honest and motivating presentation to the youth and attempted to spark their imagination for an upcoming competition to build "a better lemonade stand". The results brought out of the youth were nothing short of astonishing and long lasting friendships were made.

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