The Storm Troopers are a community team of family, friends, and colleagues of the Storm Group of Companies. Originally formed as a dragonboat team, the 'Troopers have evolved to become a competitive force in dragonboat racing and community leadership.

The Storm Troopers can be found water training from May to August, and contributing to their community year round.

Membership has its perks, and we're always looking for more people to join the family. If you are 16 years or older - male of female - and would like to join us, please Contact Us


2009 Regina Dragon Boat Festival

The 'Troopers paddled to a team record 2:14 in the 500m sprint races, finishing behind competing teams with speeds in the top ten in the world. The 'Troopers are more than a team - we're a family. We practice twice a week for 4 months in preparation for this race. Each partnership pairing on the boat is rooted in trust and communication. Paddling as one, we strive to maintain close contact at the end of the season, and train the winter as well.

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